Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reading Street- Unit 1, Week 3 Short o: SCHOOL STARTS :)

FINALLY...School starts tomorrow! There is no budget in place though.  The scary part is that on Tuesday we will get our calendar and they are making teacher cuts. I have already prayed about it and it is in God's hands.

My mother- Thank you to those of you who are praying! She is not doing any better. They have the MRI back and all that they told her was that she is declining, but they feel that it is related to age. This concerns me because she is only 62. Please keep praying!

I was so happy to hear that school was starting that I was able to finish Unit 1, Week 3 for the Reading Street story "The Big Blue Ox". I focused on the skill because I couldn't find any cute blue ox clipart lol. I found cute dogs instead :)

Here it is (click the picture):

It includes:
Pages 1-3- Intro slides and lesson examples
Pages 4-8 Short O Word Sort
Pages 9-13 Ending -s Word Sort
Pages 14-15 Student Response Sheets
Page 16- Writing Activity
Page 17- My Word Bank
Page 18- Listening Sheet
Pages 19- 23 Games
Page 24- Assessment Sheet
Pages 25-26 Spelling Words

I hope you like it! Make sure to check it out!! I will be giving one away for my birthday on Friday. However, I am requesting that the person that wins writes an honest assessment of the product. Thank you!!

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  1. Your Reading Street Units are so cute and I can't wait to use them. I already have "Sam" ready!! These will be great to supplement!