Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Lovin' Giveaway

As you know, it is getting closer to the end of Google Reader. Please switch over to Blog Lovin' by clicking the link on the sidebar. I am linking up with some other great bloggers to encourage people to switch. I did and I LOVE it! I am currently working on some new things for school. You won't want to miss the back to school things that are coming!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made-it

I have decided to glamify some clothes pins. I used this paint:
I painted it onto the clips:

 Finally, I adhered a little gem stone to the end of it.
I went with less gems lol.

I have been working on changing some things in my room. The longer that I teach the more that I want to simplify things and put up more charts that we make together as a class. I have decided to make this bulletin board on my wall. I struggled though because of trying to adhere the fabric to the wall. We are not allowed to hot glue lol. After much tape, command strips, and hot is the final product:
Reading Nook...I haven't gotten my curtains up yet :)

After on top....before on bottom

I just borrowed some messed up paper from a friend to demonstrate how it will look when it is done.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday Made-It, Blog Lovin' and Winner

Hi guys! Well its time for Tuesday Monday Made-It. I tried my best to get this up on Monday....but lol it's summer and it will get done when it gets done.

Last year I made this cute little bell. However, when I was out sick one day a rambunctious child with attention to detail and shiny things adorable special friend peeled off the gems to take home lol. I have since fixed here it is:

Next, I changed my birthday reward. Last year, I did the balloons like everyone else. I am on a mission to save ink and I found these in my closet. Therefore, I made these for the kids for birthdays:

Next, if you have not started using Blog Lovin'....YOU SHOULD. It keeps track of all my blogs that I follow AND it marks them as read. I love it. There is a link on my side bar if you would like to check it out.

Congrats to Julie M. for winning the A.R. pack with OWLS. I hope that you enjoy that!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

GIVEAWAY of A.R. chart

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have updated my AR rewards to match the Owl theme as requested on my TPT store. If you would like to win either the OWL or Ocean themed AR rewards, please comment below:
1. which one you would like
2. your email

I will pick one winner tomorrow night! You can find them here:
Owl   or Ocean 

They are only $1.50.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Made-It!! :)

Hey guys! I have decided to try and maintain a blogging schedule. I think that it might keep me more accountable!! I am spending the day painting my bedroom door. It seems like an easy enough task...but it seems as though I am wearing more paint than the door. I am loving having this house...but I want to start decorating soon. I feel like I have so much to do. I have decided to make separate to do lists for school and for home. Hopefully, Monday Made-It will help me :)

Okay----My made it for today is a clipchart for A.R. testing. My admin have really been pushing the kids to take A.R. tests. Therefore, I have made this clipchart to help motivate them and keep them accountable for their success. I have also made awards to go with each milestone. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. I put them up for sale on TPT. If you are interested, please click the picture. I can change the milestone amounts if you need me to do so. I will be adding ribbon to hang it on my wall :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013