Sunday, July 21, 2013

Journeys- What is a pal?

Well... I am officially in school mode. Last week, I had Common Core ELA training. This week, we have inservice M-R. I have already made a packet for the first story "What is a pal?".

The journeys program has many resources. However, I wanted to make things that I could use in addition to their program. I took a few of the activities that we learned in training and put them to use with the Journeys program. Here is a breakdown of what the packet includes:

Pages 2-8 Words to Know. This includes the words on printable word cards that the students can use to play a game or practice at home. It also has a leveled accountability sheet.

Page 9- Main Idea Sheet

Pages 10-14 Journal Writing and Prompts for writing

Pages 15-17 Leveled Noun Sheets

Pages 18-20 Words to Read One Minute Speed Drills

Pages 21-27 Irregular Words Activity- This is a technique that was at CC.

Pages 28-29 Questioning sheet to glue into their Reading Response Journals

Pages 30- 33 Looking Back.- Students look back to their Leveled Readers to find information. This is a very useful skill for first graders.

Pages 34-52 Word Sort and Leveled recording sheets

53- Word bank

Page 54- Listening Sheet

* Pages 34-54 are from my other Short a pack. I added it to this one.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear feedback. I would love to know if you like it or not and what things you would like to see added or changed. Click the picture to download:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick Class Tour- Mostly Pictures!

Entry Way

Entry- Class Rules, Job Chart, Marble Behavior. and a place for them to post their answer to the problem of the day (More to come on this later!)
Sink Area----don't mind all the trash on my table lol. Also, the Journeys tubs will be moved into my office bc I don't really like them there.

 today I am taking you on a quick tour of my room. My walls are pretty much finished. I have to clear off one set of desks before I take final pictures. I have too many Journeys things to go through. It will get there though lol. I hope that you enjoyed a quick look into my room.