Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello all!! Well I am FINALLY back to blogging. I have not forgotten! I have just been SO busy. (I know..I know...It is no excuse) On to Five for Friday:

1. I am on Spring Break this week and OMG it has FLOWN by. I took the kids with friends to the Old Spaghetti Factory where we were able to eat in the trolley car. They had SO much fun doing this. Then, we went to the Adventure Science Museum.

2. I FINALLY purchased and received my favorite new eyeshadow. I LOVE Too Faced shadow!

Naked Eye Shadow Collection
3. I spent my entire Spring Break cleaning, laminating and cutting laminate. Boring! Lol! I am FINALLY done with cutting laminate.

4. I am looking for interesting reading and math focus walls. I hope to get this changed soon in my classroom.

5. I am FINALLY ready to have my hundred follower giveaway. If you would like to contribute something please email me at THANKS!! 


  1. Kimberly! I am lucky number 100! :) Woo hoo! :) What a milestone for you! :) So exciting! :) So...I found ya through the linky, and I am so glad that I did! :) I love getting a chance to meet other first grade teachers from all over the place! :) I teach first in Florida!:) I've been on Spring Break all week too and it has been WONDERFUL!!! :) Thanks for sharing your week with us all! :0) I'd love to help you with your 100th follower giveaway! :0) Let me know what you need! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

    1. Yah! Thanks for being my 100th follower! You rock! I love to meet other teachers. I have found so many great ideas from other teachers on blogs. It is a great way to meet other people that are as passionate as you are. I am very glad to have met you. I love going to Florida. I am jealous because my Spring Break has been some of the coldest, wettest, and snowiest weather that we have had all year. What are the odds?!? lol :) Thank you so much for your help with the giveaway. Let me know if you ever need anything. I will be making new products soon. I am now following your blog!

  2. Found you from the Five for Five linky! Congrats on 100 followers!! :) I would love to donate a product to your giveaway!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that you found me. :) I love to meet new people. I appreciate your contribution to the giveaway.

      P.S. You have a GREAT name :) We have the same name(except I spell Ann with an e)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through Mrs. Russell's Room's FB page posting! I LOVE your blog header.. especially the glittery part! It is totally precious!! As for your Five for Friday post... That Too Faced makeup is AMAZING!!! My favorite product of that brand is the Too Faced Glitter Glue!!! What's better than a product that can help keep my MAC eye glitter on for hours on end??? There IS nothing better than that hehe! :)

    Congrats on hitting 100 followers! I am follower #102! :)

    Love & Glitter,
    Sticky Notes & Glitter: A First Grade Adventure!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog header. I made it myself :) I have not tried their glitter glue, but I have SO much makeup. It is an addiction. I have a couple of their other sets of eyeshadow. I'm going to have to check that out. Thanks for following my blog.

  4. Hi there! Just found you through the 5 for Friday linky! Do you know FROGS are my favorite animal in the whole wide world! Your header is fantastic! Congrats on hitting 100 followers! Add me into the mix and that makes 104!
    Happy Easter!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

    1. I am so glad that you found me :) I am very excited to have you! I love frogs too :) My classroom is hot pink and lime green...with frogs :)