Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long O: Oa, Ow (Reading Street Unit 4, Week 3) with FREEBIE!


My kiddos are on Unit 4, Week 3 of our Reading Street Series. We are learning the Long O sound made by oa and ow. This is a cute little practice that I created for my students. I will introduce this during reading groups on Tuesday and then place it in our Word Work Station for practice. I find that my students work well when they are able to have extra practice with a skill. Click the picture above to download a FREEBIE (Adjective Boat). The idea for the adjective boat came from Please check out my activity on TPT!!

Also, here are some videos that I plan on using to introduce the concept:

Oa Song

OA- Electric Company

Extra Practice for Two Vowels- Smartboard

Cute Poem to Reinforce oa

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