Monday, April 16, 2012

Poetry Intro

Wow! It is hard to believe how fast the school year is passing by. The kiddos did shaving cream spelling. They LOVE this activity! They would love to do this instead of recess lol. I have learned to give them just a tad because if not they are bathing in it and wear most of it I am being conservative. ;)

This week, we are beginning poetry. I was tired of the standard writing wanting to try something new! I decided that we needed to try a new format that I saw on The First Grade Parade. First, the students created acrostic poems with their name. Then, they learned to create Cinquain poems about a topic! I just wanted to share a few things that we are working on. :)


  1. I saw those cute clouds and rainbows on another blog. I am going to have to do that. So fun!

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    First Upon A Time

    1. My students loved the clouds. I put that they were from The First Grade Parade blog, but I guess the link part didn't work. (in case you want to check out the original post) I drew my own cloud and just cut 2" strips of different construction paper. :) I will definitely check out your giveaway :) Thanks for commenting! :)