Friday, June 8, 2012

Common Core Standards Review!

Hello all!! I hope that you are enjoying your summer!! I definitely am. My summer started with my poor baby having his tonsils and adenoids out. He was such a trooper! He is doing much better now. It has been a week and he is finally eating again. He lost 6 pounds. It was scary. However, he just started eating yesterday and I am SO happy!

Now that he is feeling better, I am able to start working on the million crafts and things that I have wanted to over the summer. It seems like there is never enough time in the day lol. I have finally finished my back to school packet. Our school is switching to common core standards this year. I decided to create a packet based on the skills that students should have gained in Kindergarten. This will allow me to review the skills that they have learned and to assess them. I have also added a freebie to it. There is an information file that is helpful and a paper that I clip to the front of a packet of papers. This paper lets them know what papers need to be filled out on registration day and which ones they can take home to read.

There are many pages of useful information. I hope that you enjoy this packet! Click on the picture below to view the packet. Feel free to download the freebie, which includes the information form and paper for the folders for Registration Day. I hope that you guys enjoy your day. There will be more freebies coming soon!

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Pages 1-3 Introduction
Pages 4-9 Pages for Registration Day: Back to School
Page 10- Blooms Taxonomy cards to put on a ring for questioning during Small Groups. This will help with observations.
Pages 11- 30 Letter Matching- Match upper and lower case letters with recording sheet
Pages 31-40 Sight Word Splat and Leveled Recording Sheets
Pages 41-46 Match letters to pictures based on beginning sounds. Next, the students will sort the cards based on characteristics.
Pages 47-53 Making Words- You will draw a picture card and use the letters to spell the word. There is a recording sheet.
Pages 54-59 Rhyming Words- Match the Rhyming Words and Record them.
Pages 60-68 Math Book Match- This helps students to read number words and match to quantities with recording sheet.
Pages 69- 72- Counting by 10's to 100 with recording sheet
Pages 73-75 Shape Match
Pages 76-80 Adding Sums to 5 with recording sheet
Pages 81-85 Adding Sums to 10 with recording sheet
Pages 86-89 Closing Notes, Credits, and Common Core Standards

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