Monday, June 18, 2012

Made it Monday

Hello all! I hope that you guys are enjoying your summer. I know that I am :)

We just finished our three days of in-service last week. I was a little disappointed that we were not able to choose what PD we went to. It was basically boring. I like that we were able to pick what we wanted to go to last year. There were choices that were grade appropriate and I feel that I learned sooo much more then. Sigh! On a positive note, I do not have another PD day until July 24th. Woohoo! We will be meeting to curriculum map our math series and work on assessment.

I am working on getting all those little things done that I have wanted to get done...but let's be honest...I'm a mom first and so that is where my focus has been lol. I truly enjoy these summer memories that I am making with my little boys!

So...anyways... I posted about my behavior clips and name sticks. The next thing that I worked on was making my bell a little more glam. I love how it turned out (though it doesn't look as cute in the picture...SORRY!) I like to do things to make my room express my personality.

Now, I am working on finishing my writing rating board. I am serious guys...I have NO artistic ability lol so it looks like it was done by one of my firsties lol! Have a great afternoon and hopefully I will be able to post that picture soon. More cute ideas to come.

Also, I am on my way to 50 followers and when I do there will be a giveaway. I have two great ladies that have supplied a packet and I am always looking for anyone else that wouldn't mind donating! :)

Final thing....check out my BACK TO SCHOOL packet at my TPT store. I can't wait to use this with my kiddos.

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